Baptism Nov 7 2009

Baptism Nov 7 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

7th Week in Spokane Washington mission

Well I hit my four month mark on Sunday.. kinda weird cuz it feels like its been way longer then that but oh well.. Natasha got baptized on Saturday! it was a way good service and I had the opportunity to be the one to baptize her so that was way awesome! Her brother and uncle came and they will hopefully be joining her soon!
we had a way sweet experience tracting this week, it was in a different area so we won’t get to teach her but we were out tracting and knocked on this lady's door named Joyce, and we taught her on the doorstep about prophets and about how Christ has restored His church and we said a prayer with her and she said that she would be interested in learning more so we made a return appointment. Well a couple days later the missionaries called us up to tell us about the lesson they had with Joyce and so this is what happened.. she and her husband were fasting together about which church they should join and right as soon as they ended their fast, we knocked on their door. So the missionaries taught her more about prophets and taught her about Joseph Smith and how Christ restored His church. By the end of the lesson she said she knows its true but still wants to keep studying just to make sure and read from the book of Mormon! So that’s way cool to me that the Lord led us to her right when she ended her fast! There is no doubt that the Lord has a hand in this work and that it is His work and He guides it in every way.

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