Baptism Nov 7 2009

Baptism Nov 7 2009

Monday, May 24, 2010

35th Week in Spokane

We had a good week, we found a lot of new people to teach! We did a whole lotta tracting. A lot of tracting! And we will continue to do so to find those people that the Lord has prepared to hear His messege and come into His flock! My new companion's name is Elder Andersen, he is from Carlsbad, New Mexico, and he is fresh out of the MTC! Its been a really cool experience so far being able to train a new missionary! He is WAY more prepared than I was and he is so ready to get out and to find and teach! And we're pretty much the same height and same build, so that's pretty nice! So we talked to this one kid named Anthony on the street, taught him about Joseph Smith and the Book Of Mormon and said that as missionaries we simply teach and invite and when you come to know that these things are true by prayer then we invite people to be baptized, so then we invited him to be baptized and he said yes that he'd prepare for it! It turns out he's 16, he looks older... but kinda cool! There was this other lady, she was older, like in her 70s and she was out taking a walk so we gave her a card and she started walking away, well I decided to follow her, so we walked along side her and taught her the restoration and all about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, and all she could do was just walk and listen cuz she couldn't get away from us! It was pretty cool, we kinda chuckled a bit afterwards, but we fulfilled our purpose to teach, testify, and invite, it was fun! Well I'm afraid that's about it for this week, we had a lot of really good teaching experiences, our teaching pool is constantly growing and we are loving every minute of it!

Monday, May 17, 2010

34th week in Spokane

Well this week definitely had its ups and downs. I guess I'll just start with the downs.. If you remember, Isaac was on board to be baptized this last weekend, well that didn't happen. Its hard because he kinda flipped a 180 on us out of the blue and said that he doesn't want to be taught any more or go to church or anything, its pretty sad because we all got pretty close, but its his decision and we gotta respect it. We haven't given up entirely and we will still go and visit him and all that but its just different now. So onto the ups of the week.. We had our stake conference here this weekend and they re-organized it and called a new stake presidency and all that. So because that was goin on, Elder Steven Snow of the Seventy Presidency came to Wenatchee to call the new stake president. He flew in Friday night. Well Friday morning we get a call from our zone leaders, who live with the stake president, and they say that elder Snow and the stake president wants to meet with the Frodshams! So we were pretty blown away and we set it all up and everything and they came and met with them Friday night! So that was pretty cool.. Turns out that they basically just wanted to see how we were doing as missionaries, I'm pretty sure we passed because we never got chastised or anything like that! And he seemed very happy when we got to talk with him. anyways, I thought it was pretty awesome that he wanted to go and see them. Also another up for the week, there's a guy named Corsin that we have been teaching for a while and I really feel like this week we really broke some ground with him so that was good! So I can't believe it but another six weeks has gone by and its now time for transfers.. Elder Errico is getting transferred from here in East Wenatchee across the river to Wenatchee, so he's only going a few miles away! As for me, my new companion is coming to me straight out of the MTC! He's a brand spankin new missionary! So that will be exciting, I'm lookin forward to that!! Well it has been a good transfer, a lot of things happened here in the area, a lot of good things. I'm looking forward to see what the Lord has in store for us this next six weeks!

Monday, May 10, 2010

33rd Week in Spokane

Happy Mothers Day!!
Well nothing really too exciting happened this last week, we did the normal thing of tracting, teaching, and tracting some more. We were able to find a few more people to teach so we are grateful for that.  The work here is progressing as we are continuing to get the ward more involved in missionary work and as we continue to find and teach the people in East Wenatchee! I've got a good feeling about this coming week, I know there are going to be some good things that happen and I'm excited to be able to report on those things next week. also this week will be the last week in the transfer and we will find out on Sunday who is getting transferred, Elder Errico thinks that he will be leaving, I feel like that is probably the case, but I also can see me being transferred too just because lately I've only been staying in an area for just one transfer, so we'll see what happens, it will be interesting because there are about twenty missionaries going home and only eight coming in, so they are going to have to close a few areas so we'll see! Isaac is still as golden as ever, he is getting baptized this Sunday on the 16th! He has a tremendous amount of faith and he is accepting everything we teach and is always up for more! Its truly humbling to be able to watch him give his life to Christ, and for it he will be able to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. I testify that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. I know that Joseph Smith was His Prophet and that he truly translated the Book of Mormon by the power of God and that it is the word of God, written for us in these last days before the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Monday, May 3, 2010

32nd week in Spokane

The Lord definitely has a hand in this work, because it is His work. We have had such a good last few weeks. When I first got to this area the teaching pool consisted of only about five people. We have spent more time tracting than in any other area where I have served. Because of it we have been able to increase our teaching pool to over 30! We have been working extremely hard, hitting our pillows at night exhausted. We were able to find 15 new people this week that want to be taught about this Gospel! I can't possibly tell you about all of them but I do want to tell you about one. His name is Isaac. Isaac is one of those golden investigators that the Lord leads to the missionaries, instead of leading the missionaries to him... Isaac some how got hold of a Book of Mormon and began to read it. In doing so he wanted to check out the church service so he went over to the other building in Wenatchee and went for two weeks over there and the missionaries there got his information, found that he lives in our area, and sent us to go visit him. When we got to Isaac the next day we were able to sit down with him and teach him about the restoration. He understood and took everything in very well. When we started talking about the Book of Mormon he said that he already has one and that he was to about page 300! So we shared with him Moroni's promise that any who reads, ponders, and prays about the Book would receive a testimony that it is true. Then we shared with him a scripture in the Book of Mormon about baptism. We then invited him to be baptized and he accepted! He will be baptized may 16! We met with him a total of three times and taught him the plan of salvation and the gospel. then he came to church yesterday. He is soaking it all in and loving it! Isaac is married and has a four year old daughter. he got married to his wife about seven years ago in Wenatchee, unfortunately she is from Mexico and not legal. They decided that they wanted to do things the right way so tried starting the process of her becoming legal. That caused her to be deported and he is still fighting the battle to get her back in the US with him. He says that in a large way he is doing this very much for his family and not for him. I know that the Lord will bless him for making the decision and commitment to follow Christ for the rest of his life by being baptized. I know that the Lord will provide a way for his family to be reunited in the near future. This is the Lord's work, there's no question. Its such a blessing to be an instrument in His hands and be able to watch as He takes over and touches the lives of His children.