Baptism Nov 7 2009

Baptism Nov 7 2009

Monday, June 21, 2010

39th week in Spokane

HAPPY FATHERS DAY!! We had a really good week this week, we had the opportunity to receive training from Elder Pearson of the first quorum of the seventy and he really based the whole thing on the power and authority of our calling. It was really good, he explained too how its important to first explain to people their true relationship with God.. That we lived with Him before this life and that He is our literal Father and we are His literal children and as soon as we comprehend that relationship then our prayers become more meaningful as we pray to our Father. The area is doing really good, we got a couple people that are still progressing and working towards baptism. This is the last week in the transfer though, kinda crazy. Doesn't seem like it has been that long, but time just keeps on flying by faster and faster! Well I love you and never forget that we are all sons and daughters of God; identity determines our destiny.. so live up to your identity as a child of God.

Monday, June 14, 2010

38th week in Spokane

Things this week were kinda slow, only found a couple of new people to teach, we mainly focused on getting in touch again with all of the people we have taught within the past month or so. Its hard trying to catch people home! Well Kyle is doing good, we were able to meet with him again this week, that went well. Corson is doing well too, we met with him and watched a movie on Joseph Smith and that went way good.. He just needs to start coming to church now! There's one lady named Eva, she is super nice, her son got baptized in November so we see them a couple times a week. I gave a talk in church this Sunday so she came and listened to that which made me pretty happy! Hopefully it had some sort of impact on her. Sorry it was so short today, like I said it was a pretty slow week, lots of people dropped us, but that's alright, it just means that the next missionaries will be here when they are ready, and means that we need to continue our search for those people that the Lord has prepared to receive His Gospel!

Monday, June 7, 2010

37th week in Spokane

We were very blessed this week in our finding and in our teaching. We've been working with this one guy named Corson for some time now and we were able to break through some ground this week. We explained that our goal as missionaries is to help others come closer to Christ by helping them receive their own personal testimony that the Book of Mormon is true and how everything falls into place after that. So we asked if this is something that he would like to have and he said yes. So we went over with him the process of revelation and gave him an outline to follow and he set a goal to read half the book of Mormon by this week! So we are excited to see where he will go with this, we introduced him to some of the young single adults in the area because he's 23 and they hit it off pretty good so we are trying to get him involved with them which will be way helpful! Also we tracted into this lady named Brenda a couple weeks ago, shes old and not too healthy, she's on oxygen and just had heart surgery but she's super nice and she said that we could come back so we did this week and we taught her the restoration and invited her to be baptized, she said that she would have to think about it more and invited us to come back! Now the miracle story of the week is we went over to the Couch's house for dinner Friday night. Well one of her son's friends randomly showed up and so he ate dinner with us. His name is Kyle, he's 21. After dinner we all were just talking and then Sister Couch asked me for a plan of salvation pamphlet. Sister Couch got baptized about a year ago. We gave her the pamphlet and she taught the entire lesson and we were just there for moral support I guess! It was really good, Kyle really enjoyed it and he said he wants to learn more, we invited him to be baptized and he said he would! So he came to church on Sunday and he thought it was a bit long but he liked it! So that was a really good experience, kinda shows to me that the most effective missionary work is from the members of the church, not so much the missionaries from the church, every member a missionary right?? Well anyways, I hope everyone is doing good, I love you all!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

36th week in Spokane

This week turned out to be pretty good, we still haven't been able to make much contact with our new investigators but we have been able to continue to find new people to teach so that's good. We spend at the least about four hours a day tracting that usually results in one or two people willing to listen and wanting to learn more. Elder Andersen is a way good missionary, he's got that desire to never stop working, so we never do! Its been really good.. This week and from now on we plan on just asking everybody that will give us just five minutes to listen, to ask them if they will follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized! After all that is our purpose as missionaries! We had a way good lesson with one of our investigators named Corson, he said that he wants to have that confirmation from the Spirit that this is true and so he set up some goals and we are excited about where that will lead, if he holds up his end of the deal! Last night we held a three ward youth fireside that us missionaries put on, it was pretty fun, we just talked about missionary work and why its important and then we shared the message of the restoration and that went way good and then then we had each of them write down a list of names of friends that they know and pick one or two that they will invite to next months youth fireside that we will put on again! So that was a lot of fun talking to all the youth!! Well that's about it for this week, nothing too out of the ordinary happened but I love you all and thank you for your support!