Baptism Nov 7 2009

Baptism Nov 7 2009

Monday, June 7, 2010

37th week in Spokane

We were very blessed this week in our finding and in our teaching. We've been working with this one guy named Corson for some time now and we were able to break through some ground this week. We explained that our goal as missionaries is to help others come closer to Christ by helping them receive their own personal testimony that the Book of Mormon is true and how everything falls into place after that. So we asked if this is something that he would like to have and he said yes. So we went over with him the process of revelation and gave him an outline to follow and he set a goal to read half the book of Mormon by this week! So we are excited to see where he will go with this, we introduced him to some of the young single adults in the area because he's 23 and they hit it off pretty good so we are trying to get him involved with them which will be way helpful! Also we tracted into this lady named Brenda a couple weeks ago, shes old and not too healthy, she's on oxygen and just had heart surgery but she's super nice and she said that we could come back so we did this week and we taught her the restoration and invited her to be baptized, she said that she would have to think about it more and invited us to come back! Now the miracle story of the week is we went over to the Couch's house for dinner Friday night. Well one of her son's friends randomly showed up and so he ate dinner with us. His name is Kyle, he's 21. After dinner we all were just talking and then Sister Couch asked me for a plan of salvation pamphlet. Sister Couch got baptized about a year ago. We gave her the pamphlet and she taught the entire lesson and we were just there for moral support I guess! It was really good, Kyle really enjoyed it and he said he wants to learn more, we invited him to be baptized and he said he would! So he came to church on Sunday and he thought it was a bit long but he liked it! So that was a really good experience, kinda shows to me that the most effective missionary work is from the members of the church, not so much the missionaries from the church, every member a missionary right?? Well anyways, I hope everyone is doing good, I love you all!

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