Baptism Nov 7 2009

Baptism Nov 7 2009

Monday, December 13, 2010

64th week in Spokane

This week went really well, it was our highest teaching week all transfer. So I guess I'll start with the updates. With the Compton family (the Diest and messianic Jew couple) we went over and had dinner with them. He read in the book of Mormon all the introduction and testimonies and a few pages into first Nephi. she started to read the intro and then went to the plan of salvation pamphlet that we had left with them. They both had lots of questions and we were able to expound on a few things. We are going back there this Saturday. With the Stolley family, we found them again! She moved back in with her mom, so we are excited about that, she still wants to get baptized so we will be meeting with them this week. We met with Eddy Madden last night, I don't know if I've talked about him before but we've been going over there for a couple months now. Its been cool to see him come to grips with what we teach. He's realizing that everything we teach, he already believed, but not from another persons teaching, from his own study and he said that whenever he talks about those things people call him crazy and give him a hard time. But last night we had a really good lesson with him. He told us that if he received an answer to his prayers that the book of Mormon is true then he would get baptized! We met with this other lady named Jeneen, she is probably more devoted to Christ than anyone I've taught. we had a pretty good lesson with her, she has a few concerns which we were able to address, but overall it went pretty good. We are going back this week. We met with Milt Kenny, the JW, and there wasn't much desire to change, he basically just wanted to argue his point and wouldn't address our questions. So on Saturday, we attended two Christmas parties. One for the community and one for the ward. In the one for the community, a member organized it and so they asked us to have a part in it. Elder Westwood read a poem. I read Luke 2 and also sang with three others “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day”. It was fun and we were able to get some good face time with the community. The ward party went really really well too, there were about ten non members there and a bunch of less actives, so that was really good! Alright, now onto transfers... Elder Westwood is getting transferred to be with Elder Akaka in North Spokane. Elder Akaka and I lived in the same house when I was in beacon hill. I'm staying in Bonners Ferry and my new companion is Elder Tamblyn. and I don't know hardly anything about him. But I am excited to take over the area and I'm excited to see what this transfer is going to bring! And in the zone, every single companionship is being switched up so its gonna be fun! Love ya!!

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