Baptism Nov 7 2009

Baptism Nov 7 2009

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

10th Week in Spokane

I hope that everyone had a good thanksgiving! We had 4 different meals! talk about bein stuffed!! Well we had a way good week! We got a call from a guy in our ward to come over and give him a blessing because he's old and going into surgery soon. So we did and his wife isn’t a member but while we were over there she said that she has gotten a strong feeling that she needs to join the church! So we started teaching her and have started to prepare her for baptism! We set a date for her and she said that they would pray about it and let us know this week when we go back! We also started teaching this kid named Roma from Russia, he actually lives about 30 miles from the Mongolian border and said that he’s been to Mongolia quite a bit to go fishing! So that was neat, and he said that he's got lots of questions for us next time we come over, and we're supposed to go over there tonight so that will be good! But he goes back to Russia for good at the end of the month so we're just focusing on getting that seed planted! We area also teaching a part member family, the Cavines family, the dad and one of the daughters are members and he has a son that is turning 8 this month. But he hasn’t really come to church for a long time so this week we are going to tell him that its time for him to come back and to prepare himself to baptize his son, and hopefully one day soon the rest of his family! Another lady that we are teaching, her name is Mary, said that she feels the spirit every time we come over and when we taught her about Joseph Smith and the restoration she said that she has zero objections to it, she said that "if God wanted to call a prophet today, who are we to say that He can’t" we both were like EXACTLY!! Why can’t everyone understand that?? So that was a good experience and she told us that she feels that its right but that she needs some time to really get the answer for herself that this is the direction that the Lord wants her to take. We are also teaching a couple named Doug and Cheryl and they have a ten year old son. They just moved into the area and have started going to church so that’s how we met them and in visiting with them we learned that they aren’t members but just like coming, so we've started teaching them and it has been going way good!! And we are teaching about twenty other people that are slowly progressing, so the work here has been way good and we have been way excited about it! Well today I just figured I'd give you an update on some of the people we are teaching. I love you all and hope everything is well!

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