Baptism Nov 7 2009

Baptism Nov 7 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009

13th week in Spokane

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Well we didn’t end up doing a whole lot this week cuz my companion has been sick. But out of what we were able to do we had a way good week! we started teaching this couple named josh and jenny and they have two kids, 18 months and 1 month old, her sister is a member and has been trying to get her to talk to missionaries for a long time so when we tracted into her they were excited from the get go. We were also able to teach this girl named katie, she just barely had a baby and she said that all her siblings and her dad are members but she has lived with her mom so that’s why she’s not a member yet, but she used to go as a kid so she’s pretty familiar with everything and so when we tracted into her she was excited too! We were also able to go teach this lady named Jessie, her daughter just moved back in with her and she was baptized about three months ago and she’s actually Natasha's half sister, Natasha is the girl that we baptized in November. So Jessie came to church last week and that’s how we met her and she sat in our lesson in gospel essentials class then we went to her house and taught her this week about the restoration and she also came to church again yesterday so we are excited about her and we feel like she is ready to be committed to baptism! We also taught Christine, she is on date to be baptized on Jan 16, we taught her about the plan of salvation and she really enjoyed that, she said that it answered a lot of her questions that she had about where she came from why she’s here and what’s gonna happen after this life, she's progressing but she has a lot of health problems and is on oxygen so she has a difficult time coming to church. We also were able to teach Cheryl and Tristian, she is about 40 and he's 10, they are awesome and we taught them this week about baptism and put them on date to be baptized Jan 2! Tristian is way cool, he absolutely loves it when we come over and he loves going to church and they are way excited about their baptism! So that was pretty much our week. I hope all of you have a merry Christmas!

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