Baptism Nov 7 2009

Baptism Nov 7 2009

Monday, May 17, 2010

34th week in Spokane

Well this week definitely had its ups and downs. I guess I'll just start with the downs.. If you remember, Isaac was on board to be baptized this last weekend, well that didn't happen. Its hard because he kinda flipped a 180 on us out of the blue and said that he doesn't want to be taught any more or go to church or anything, its pretty sad because we all got pretty close, but its his decision and we gotta respect it. We haven't given up entirely and we will still go and visit him and all that but its just different now. So onto the ups of the week.. We had our stake conference here this weekend and they re-organized it and called a new stake presidency and all that. So because that was goin on, Elder Steven Snow of the Seventy Presidency came to Wenatchee to call the new stake president. He flew in Friday night. Well Friday morning we get a call from our zone leaders, who live with the stake president, and they say that elder Snow and the stake president wants to meet with the Frodshams! So we were pretty blown away and we set it all up and everything and they came and met with them Friday night! So that was pretty cool.. Turns out that they basically just wanted to see how we were doing as missionaries, I'm pretty sure we passed because we never got chastised or anything like that! And he seemed very happy when we got to talk with him. anyways, I thought it was pretty awesome that he wanted to go and see them. Also another up for the week, there's a guy named Corsin that we have been teaching for a while and I really feel like this week we really broke some ground with him so that was good! So I can't believe it but another six weeks has gone by and its now time for transfers.. Elder Errico is getting transferred from here in East Wenatchee across the river to Wenatchee, so he's only going a few miles away! As for me, my new companion is coming to me straight out of the MTC! He's a brand spankin new missionary! So that will be exciting, I'm lookin forward to that!! Well it has been a good transfer, a lot of things happened here in the area, a lot of good things. I'm looking forward to see what the Lord has in store for us this next six weeks!

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