Baptism Nov 7 2009

Baptism Nov 7 2009

Monday, September 20, 2010

52nd week in Spokane

We had an interesting week, nothing too successful, mostly just all our appointments fell through. So last week our bishop runs an idea by us about having Jessica confirmed the same day as her baptism because the next day the ward is having a youth temple trip and so we all thought it would be cool to have her get baptized and confirmed on Friday and then on Saturday have her go to the temple. And that way
she and Jared could go together for both of their first time. So we both said we would work on getting permission for that. Well a couple days later the Bishop calls us back and says he got the permission. So we told Jared and Jessica about it and she said she's fine with it. So we taught her this last week about the temple and baptisms for the dead. She really liked it because she has a brother that died a long
time ago. Well, we got everything lined up for her to get her baptismal interview and also to get her temple recommend. So just as a side note, it is a rule that an investigator has to come to church 3 times in order to be eligible for baptism. Before this week Jessica came twice. Once to Sacrament meeting and the other time to all three hours and she just loved it. In fact, her first time going to relief society they challenged everyone to read the Book of Mormon in 100 days and gave out a chart of what to read every day to make it by 100 days. And Jessica committed herself to do it! So she has been working on that! Well, Jared always picks her up and brings her to church every week. Well this Sunday Jared came but with no Jessica, so we were pretty bummed because technically she cant get baptized without being at church 3 times. So we called her and she was just super sick, she could barely say two words without coughing like crazy and not only that but she sprained her ankle really bad on Saturday, so she didn't come so we didn't announce her baptism or anything at church but we did call our mission president to see if we could get permission to go ahead and baptize her as planned since she was just sick and not flaky. So finally we were able to get hold of him and he said that if the bishop approves then he approves. But as I explained the situation to him he said that she shouldn't get confirmed on Friday but needs to be confirmed on Sunday, which means that she can't go to the temple. So we let everyone know and made a bunch of phone calls to invite to the baptism. Jessica was kinda disappointed that she wouldn't get to go to the temple especially since we already taught her about it, but she was excited that she could still get baptized as planned. And so are we.

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