Baptism Nov 7 2009

Baptism Nov 7 2009

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

53rd week in Spokane plus 52nd week (late)

This is the post that was missing last week, following this is the post from Monday Sept 27, 2010, consequently this is a doubly long post but well worth the read.

52nd week in Spokane
Well first off, we got our transfer calls last night and Elder Mudrow is staying here but I am being transferred. I'm going from one of the most western parts of the mission to one of the most eastern parts. Bonners Ferry, Idaho! My new companion will be Elder Westwood. I will be junior companion. I'm excited, I know elder Westwood from past leadership trainings and zone conferences hes and awesome missionary. In fact, he's a zone leader. Which actually makes me a zone leader too! It's going to be a great new chapter in my life. I'm excited! We had a great week! On Tuesday we taught Jessica about the law of tithing. She didn't really like it, shes already cut way back on her work hours because she took off Sundays and she has to pay for school and help her parents pay for rent and other things and has to get a car since she's going to school. So she wasn't very happy learning that she's gotta give ten percent to the Lord. But by the end she committed to paying a full tithe. We promised her that if she puts tithing as a priority right when her pay check comes, before paying bills or anything else, that the Lord would provide the rest. She said she would. On Thursday she was interviewed and on Friday she was baptized! The baptism service was so good. That's one of the things I'm gonna miss most about being on a mission is going to convert baptisms. There's nothing quite like it. The power of God is always manifested. Jared was able to exercise his Priesthood and baptize Jessica. The first attempt you could tell that he was pretty nervous and he didn't push her down, just let her lay back so she barely even got wet! But the second attempt was golden. Jessicas parents were able to show their love and support and they came to the baptism. In time I believe their hearts will be open to the gospel as they see how it helps out Jessica. On Saturday Jared went to the temple and performed baptisms for the dead. We didn't really get a chance yet to follow up on that but from what I hear, he was glowing at the temple. Jared also gave his first talk in sacrament meeting, it was on his conversion. It was cool being able to hear more from him on how the gospel has blessed his life and has been able to bring light to his shadowed soul. Jared is solid, it has been a great privilege to be able to be part of his conversion. Jessica was also confirmed during sacrament meeting and that's always a special thing to witness and be a part of as well. Going back to tithing.. Before Jessica's interview I gave our zone leader a heads up that she was struggling with tithing and asked him to pay attention to that part and bear testimony on it. Well he did and again she committed to be a full tithe payer! Because she exercised her faith and accepted that commitment, the very next day she received a letter in the mail that said she had been given two grants for school and the money is enough so that she can pick up two more classes and also will have enough left over to help pay for a car! She recognized it as being from the Lord as a blessing to her making the decisions she has. Because of this miracle my testimony was strengthened a few different ways. If we keep the commandments of the Lord then He will pour out His blessings. As the Lord fulfills promises made by His servants, of this He said "whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants it is the same”. Its always neat to see the promises fulfilled that we His servants make. Its a wonderful responsibility that we have been entrusted with. I will miss it hear in East Wenatchee but the Lord has called me elsewhere and I'm excited to see what the future holds with this new assignment.

53rd Week in Spokane
Week one in Bonners Ferry went really well. First off, the transfer day was forever LONG! Distance wise I got transferred further than any one else in the mission. From East Wenatchee Washington to Bonners Ferry Idaho. I left East Wenatchee at 9:30 and got to Bonners at 7:30.. it was a long day! But it was fun too because I got to see a lot of people that I hadn't seen for a really long time and it was fun catching up with everyone. Well, Elder Westwood is my new companion. He's from Houston Texas. I'm grateful that I'll be trained as a zone leader by him, he's an excellent missionary, I've learned a lot from him. Bonners Ferry is a little town with trees and hills all around. It reminds me a whole lot of Beuna Vista Virginia, except a little bit smaller. The people are surprisingly nice so I like that. Nearly everyone here has a wood stove for heat for the winter so I'm gonna be doing a whole lot of wood chopping! We also cover the surrounding areas, basically the Canadian border and the Montana border and a little further west of Bonners. Another cool thing about the area is we get a truck! a Chevy Colorado! I'm not exactly sure yet where all the zone covers, I know it at least covers from Sandpoint Idaho to Libby Montana. so pretty big geographically but small in missionaries, there's only five companionships including us. As far as the work in this area and zone is concerned, its been pretty dead recently. There hasn't been a baptism in our area since may. But Elder Westwood and I plan on changing that around pretty quickly. About a year and a half ago this zone was on fire and baptizing like crazy, but it has dwindled. and we're pretty sure we know why. So we are in the process of repairing and lifting and rekindling that fire. We plan on working very closely with the stake leaders to ensure unity throughout the stake where currently it feels like there's not so much. It may take a little bit of time to get all the wards and branches in the stake on the same page. But luckily President Palmer likes to keep companionships together longer, especially zone leaders. So we plan on turning this zone around and making it once again the hotspot of the mission. We are meeting with the stake president tonight to get things kicked off! This last week we had the blessing of putting a family of three on date to be baptized on October 17 so we are very excited for that! We are also working with a few others that are very very close and will more than likely be getting baptized in October! My first Sunday here was alright, I don't really like first Sundays on missions because you don't know anyone and everyone is bummed because the last missionary left and they miss him because he's just so great.. and during all the meetings that we missionaries have to go to they talk about a hundred different names that you've never heard and you just really don't know whats going on. But oh well, that's life. We cover two wards, and so does each companionship in the zone. So we go to church from seven to three. that's eight hours! It makes it difficult to stay awake! So this week I was reading in the last conference Ensign and in the talk that I was reading it said that we all should study the atonement. So for my personal studies this past week I've been doing just that. Also, Elder Westwood is working on memorizing The Living Christ. So I told him that I would help him out with that by memorizing it too. I've been working on that this week too. From studying about our Savior and His Atonement, there has been such an added Spirit throughout the day that I cant ignore. The Savior suffered so much, such immense pain, all for us. All so that we wouldn't have to suffer, if we repent and follow Him. I'm so grateful for that. I'm grateful for this opportunity to be able to serve Him. He is our Savior and He does live and direct this Church.

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