Baptism Nov 7 2009

Baptism Nov 7 2009

Monday, November 8, 2010

59th week in Spokane

This week was awesome! Probably one of the better weeks I've had in this area. We were able to find six new people to teach and a few really strong potential people that we set appointments with this week. Still no one that has set a date to be baptized, not yet anyways. so just a couple stories from this week. Yesterday for dinner we got fed burgers, not just any burgers, they took a one pound package of hamburger, made it into one patty, homemade a bun and fed it to us.. this thing was massive! My companion finished it but I couldn't! It sure was delicious though! Also, we were in Libby, Montana on Friday and the elder from over there and I were out knocking on doors together and there was an old man that came to the door, you could tell that he wasn't quite all there and he couldn't speak all that well. But all he kept saying was "I'm Catholic!" So we tried talking to him a little bit but that's all he would say, then he took us both by the elbow and escorted us off his porch! That was a first for me, it was kinda funny! Then we said "Have a nice day!" and to that he turned around, struggled to get words to come out and blurted "YOU'RE FAT!!" and turned around and walked inside.... pretty sure he had turrets! So things are going really well here, one of the ladies that we're excited about is Jennifer, she is one that the Lord led us to, someone that we were supposed to find. We have our first lesson with her tonight, and she's got two kids! Well, that's about it for this week in our area, in the zone, there are two new people preparing to be baptized, so we are excited for that! Well, that's about it for this week, till next time.. Elder Burns

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