Baptism Nov 7 2009

Baptism Nov 7 2009

Monday, March 14, 2011

77th week in Spokane

I'm lovin my new area! Elder Van Dyke and I came here without any preconceptions of whats going on and we have just hit the pavement and gone to work! We've knocked on a whole lotta doors and talked to a whole lotta people! We didn't actually teach a whole lot this week, but we got a whole bunch of return appointments for this coming week and so that's gonna be way good! Sunnyside is quite a bit bigger than Bonners Ferry. and there's a pretty decent little down town area where people walk around and go to all the different shops, so we've gone there a few times just to walk around and talk to people, its been fun. Elder Van Dyke is from Salt Lake City. He's an awesome missionary, he's been out just barely over a year.. he's got a lot of fire. President Palmer calls us the dynamic duo! Its kinda weird, when we recorded our voice mail on our new phone, we both talked, and I couldn't tell a difference in our voices. Its gonna be good. Clark Fork is pretty similar to Bonners Ferry, really small in town population and just a whole lot of boonies. We got into the area on Tuesday, and went to Clark Fork Wednesday and Thursday and came back for the rest of the week in Sunnyside. we are planning on working it so that Tuesday and Wednesdays we will be in Clark Fork and then we will alternate going to church each week. While we were in Clark Fork, we stopped in to meet one of the current investigators, who is seven.. so technically not even an investigator, but we went to meet her and her Mom. The Moms boyfriend ended up being there too, so we were able t teach all of them, the boyfriend seemed really interested and we are going back tomorrow to follow up. In Sunnyside, we didn't really teach any lessons, like I said, just contacted a whole lot of people and set up a bunch of appointments. which is good because since we have appointments, we can now have a member go with us and that helps the investigator meet new people and it also helps the member get fired up about missionary work! So we are excited to get things rolling here! If you remember, a couple weeks ago, I went on exchanges with Elder Thorman in the Sunnyside ward and I told you how we had to walk up about a quarter mile driveway. Well, we've had to do that a few times this week! I miss having the four wheel drive that I had in Bonners! Oh well! I was tempted to just take the truck with me and just swap it out with the car. But it would have just been selfish reasons because yea, it would be real nice and would save us a lot of time, but they definitely need the truck up there more then we do down here. Our Bishop here is amazing! We had breakfast and study with him this morning. He has been a Bishop before, and a Stake President, and a Mission President in New York! His mission covered the Bronx and Harlem, he has some great stories! But he is all fired up about missionary work and is really excited to have the zone leaders in his ward. It was really neat too because on our first Sunday, President and Sister Palmer came and spoke in our ward in Sunnyside. It was perfect! He talked about member missionary work and he called us up to stand on either side of him and he told everyone that he has given us to them to serve them, he called us his Ammons because we're here to serve. It was pretty neat. I am excited to see the work here grow, there is definitely room for it! The gospel is true and I am lovin it!

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