Baptism Nov 7 2009

Baptism Nov 7 2009

Monday, March 21, 2011

78th week in Spokane

Not a whole lot of new and exciting things happened this week, most of our appointments that we had set up fell through. One that didn't though is a girl named Brooke. She was taught by sister missionaries in Southern Idaho and just recently moved here. Her mom is Mormon and her dad is Catholic and was never baptized in either one. All her siblings have since joined the church though and so she's feeling some pressure from there. She's got a few concerns and questions about God, and I think that if she were to gain a testimony of Him then the rest would fall into place. The great thing is that the Book of Mormon is a great place to be able to gain that testimony! She's really sincere and I'm excited to be able to teach her. Also, I found out yesterday that a girl who used to live in Clark Fork moved to Bonners Ferry and then to Libby, Montana and just now moved back to Clark Fork! The cool thing is that she was preparing to get baptized, had a date set and everything here in Clark Fork before she moved. but couldn't ever do it because she wasn't married to her boyfriend and wouldn't get married to him, who is a member already. So that was her hold up and then they split up and she moved to Bonners where I actually met her and helped her move out my first week in the area. She moved to Libby where I again met her there and taught here a few times while she was there when I would go on exchanges with the Libby elders. Her hold up then is that her ex's family all lived in Libby and they all went to church actively and so she couldn't stand to go to church because she would see them and have to relive the split up all over again. So now she is back in Clark Fork where she hopefully, finally has no excuses! She knows its true and she wants to get baptized, that was the last thing I heard about her while she still lived in Libby. So I'm excited to see that unravel. Also, there was a lady in Bonners whose dad isn't a member and we taught him a couple times at her house, but he lives down here in Sandpoint. The good thing is that her daughter lives here in the Sunnyside ward and so we talked to her last night and she's gonna have her grandpa over this week for dinner and a lesson! There are things that are coming to surface here and we are excited for it! Also I found out yesterday that Will Thornton and his wife are getting sealed this Saturday!! He was my very fist lesson that I taught in beacon hill. That is good news! Also this week we had a district leader training held in Spokane that we went to and that was really awesome. President Palmer is amazing! I think we are going to see a huge lift in this mission very quickly! I think that's all I got for this week. Love ya!

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