Baptism Nov 7 2009

Baptism Nov 7 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

3rd Week in Spokane Washington Mission

Well week three here in Spokane Washington! Our teaching is starting to pick up which is awesome!! We had some way good lessons this past week. On Tuesday we taught this boy that’s eleven years old that wants to join our church and is going to scouts and everything, we read Enos with him and committed him to pray each day. There’s a foreign exchange student from Germany staying with a member and she was confused about our religion so we started teaching her and then this last Wednesday we showed her the restoration DVD in German and things started making a lot more sense to her and we gave her a German book of Mormon so things are progressing there. Then we met with her again yesterday for a little bit at church and she brought her friend Nina who is also from Germany and we gave her a german book of Mormon. Then on Thursday we met with this guy named west. West is a rapper, he’s actually really good and has an album and is in the process of making a video. Anyways he said that our visits with him have inspired him in a lot of his songs and that his life is going way better then it used to. He asked us to share our testimonies with him and our reason why we decided to serve a mission and while we did he took notes and said that he’s going to use our experiences. I had a strong impression to share with him Helamen 5 where it talks about having a sure foundation in Christ, but right as I was about to share it with him my companion elder Wilson said that he wanted to share a scripture with him so I got a little disappointed but then he started explaining the scripture and it turns out we were sharing the same scripture, so that was a really cool experience and West was able to open up to us and share about his turning point in life. He’s an awesome guy and we're starting to see some progress with him. Then on Friday we taught a guy named Jeffrey. He looks identical to my brother Phil, same exact facial features.. He’s just about six inches taller and about 100 pounds heavier.. But it’s actually kind of scary how similar he looks. Well we taught him about the book of Mormon and some basic beliefs of the church and we gave him the family proclamation pamphlet and I'm excited to go see him again, he’s a super super nice guy. Well here’s some news for ya about the mission.. On Saturday elder Bednar is coming to do a mission tour!! So I’m gonna be able to meet him and we have like a three hour meeting with him so we are all way excited about that! Well I’m excited for the upcoming events here, its gonna be a good week, we have a lot of good things planned and we've set some awesome goals! I love you!

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