Baptism Nov 7 2009

Baptism Nov 7 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

5th week in the Spokane Washington Mission

Hello! alright so when I got put here at the end of September we didn’t really have very many people to teach, in fact it took about 4 days before we even taught a lesson. so we really focused our efforts in the month of October in finding new people to teach. Well, the Lord has blessed us this month with 17 new investigators and as of right now we have two people on date to be baptized on Nov 7th!! This passed week we started teaching this girl named Natasha and she is loving everything and so we extended to her the commitment to be baptized and she accepted! so now we are meeting with her 3 times a week to make sure she is taught everything and has a testimony on those things. Well I mentioned last week that we got another companion, Elder Smith, well he had some health problems these past couple weeks and so they decided to send him home, so now its back down to Elder Wilson and I. Elder Smith is a great missionary, he really taught well and with the spirit, we wish him luck as he recovers! Well I’ve been here for five weeks now and I’m lovin it! we've been blessed with a way good month that has great potentials for this upcoming month so we are definitely excited!! Well I know that in missionary work there are no coincidences and so i know that there is a reason why I’m in Spokane right now other than Mongolia, so I made it a goal and I’ve been praying to find the reason why I’ve been sent here. Well I’m happy to say the answer has come! There’s an 18 year old guy who hasn’t come to church in a long time. the Lord wants him to go on a mission and on Wednesday while we were meeting with him the Spirit told me that he is the reason why I’ve been sent here, to prepare him to go on a mission. I think that that was the most spiritual lessons I’ve been involved with so far on my mission. its amazing how well the Lord knows each one of us and loves each on of us so much, and Cody, that He would stop me from going to Mongolia so that I can talk to him and help prepare him and let him know of the great blessings that come from serving the Lord. I know that He knows and loves each of us so much and so well, beyond what we can comprehend, my testimony of that grows more and more each day as I watch what people He places in our path. I'm grateful to have this opportunity to serve him in His work! I love you
-Elder Burns

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