Baptism Nov 7 2009

Baptism Nov 7 2009

Monday, March 22, 2010

26th Week in Spokane

Alright so I'm gonna start off with a couple of funny stories that happened this last week. First off I got this huge envelope from Mongolia and inside of it were tons and tons of letters that got sent to me to Mongolia and I guess they've been piling up there and they were just waiting for me to get there but they decided to go ahead and send it since I'm not ever gonna get there. So if you've sent letters in the past, I'm sorry for not replying, but they were in Mongolia ha ha.
So one of the guys we are teaching just started doing this backyard wrestling thing and asked us to come support him so we decided to go check it out. We knew it would mean a lot to him and we figured that it would be an opportunity to meet new people that we otherwise would have never met. So we went and funny thing is that it was held in a members back yard! It was really a funny thing watching and hearing everyone's reaction as we walked up and started watching and saying hi to everyone and our arrival was even announced over the loud speaker!! I'll never forget the looks on some of the peoples faces!! Well we stayed long enough to watch our friend, Corey, wrestle and then we headed out. That was last week, then this week he asked us to come back, so we did and there was about 3 times as many people and same sorta deal happened watching everyone's reaction. At first I guess that people thought that we were there to like condemn them or something but soon everyone loosened up and again we just stayed long enough to watch Corey then we headed out. The cool thing is that later that day we found out that a guy that was at the wrestling stopped missionaries in the street and started talking to them. Its pretty exciting because here's all these people that would have never in their life even imagined themselves talking to missionaries but now they are. Anyways pretty cool I think!
Alright so I got another story for ya! In our ward there are two sets of elders and our bishop made us a deal that if we teach together 60 lessons in a week that he would polish our shoes in front of the ward council. Well we've been working on it and haven't been able to hit it, but this week we taught 64! So next week he's gotta polish our shoes!! Which is good cuz mine are in some serious need of it! We had some really good teaching experiences this past week too. Grandma Chris is still on date to be baptized April 3rd and we are excited about that and she's on her last pack of cigarettes right now then shes kickin it!! There are some really good people progressing pretty quick, Bryan, Sylvia, and Diana, we have a lot of faith that these three will be entering in the waters of baptism in April!! Well that's all for this week, I love you!

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