Baptism Nov 7 2009

Baptism Nov 7 2009

Monday, March 29, 2010

27th week in Spokane

Well we had quite the week! We helped these people move, we did all the work, filled and unloaded 4 U-Haul truck loads! It was a good experience because it was these peoples first exposure to missionaries and they just fell in love with us! I got a funny story that happened this last week. First off we were trying to catch this one lady home and as we were walking up to her door her next door neighbor started yelling and cussing at us, he was dead drunk.. at 2 o'clock in the afternoon.. telling us to get outta here and yellin and cussin and he walked up to us and then his two friends came up with him and started asking questions like how did you get so brainwashed and corrupted and so Elder Moleni and I separated, he taught the drunk guy and I taught the friends.. it was awesome, we stood our ground, we testified, we confounded.. they were humbled and by the end they were huggin, praying, and told us to keep up the good work! It was pretty sweet! Then we tracted into this guy who thought he knew it all and as soon as he answered the door he started calling us liars and deceivers and all that good stuff.. so we ended up talking to him for about 45 minutes or so and he would just keep going in circles and wouldn't accept anything we said and it started to get frustrating, then he made a few comments that boiled our blood so we decided we were done with him and started testifying all over the place and the spirit completely left him confounded and so we left it at that! We were biking down the street, for some reason we decided to take the long way to our next appointment, well we ran into this guy who was in an electric wheel chair and as soon as he saw us he started yelling and cussing.. it was half at us and half at God. He was a little bit drunk but just a little. He kept saying how God had left him confined to his wheel chair and for about ten minutes he kept goin in circles with what he was saying.. how he doesn't have the physical strength to get home and that not even God could give him the power to get home. So finally I realized what he was saying.. his wheel chair had run out of power and he couldn't move because of it. So I told him that God can get him home and He sent us to do it and we got off our bikes and pushed him home. He was completely shocked. Think of the movie Forest Gump and how uptight lieutenant Dan was and then all of a sudden he came to peace with God and was happy. That's the kind of transition that we saw in this guy, it was a neat experience. We had another experience that was pretty interesting. We talked to a guy for an hour and twenty minutes.. he was the most knowledgeable and accurate person I've talked to so far concerning the gospel and its doctrine.. outside the church.. he had some amazing insights that I had never heard anyone outside the church talk about. He was off on a few, important things, but his heart was so shut it was impossible to get him to think of something outside of what he already knew. The interesting thing is even though he was speaking truths and making true inferences, the spirit just wasn't with him, and whenever the spirit would present itself to him he would completely reject it, as if there was another force in play. Interesting is the only word I can think of to describe the situation. But a very cool thing happened.. he told us that he wants us to go home and pray and ask if I have been deceived, if I have been worshiping the wrong God.. and he promised me that I would get an answer. But I didn't have to wait until I got home.. as he was issuing the invitation the spirit confirmed everything. I know that there has been no deceiving. When I received my answer that the church is true, that the book of Mormon is true, that Joseph Smith was and is the prophet of the restoration of the fullness of times, that he was called with the mission to prepare the hearts of the children of men for Christ's second coming.. when I received that answer, it had nothing to do with logic or anything intellectual.. God spoke to me through the Holy Ghost. His Spirit spoke to mine and absolutely NOTHING can tear that away, that bond is sealed.. it has turned from faith to knowledge. I KNOW everything we teach is of God and is true. That same conviction that I received is just waiting for all those that diligently seek it. So seek it.

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