Baptism Nov 7 2009

Baptism Nov 7 2009

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

41st week in Spokane

We had a way good week, Elder Mudrow is awesome, this is going to be a great transfer! He is way hard working and obedient so I'm excited to be able to work with him! Also this week I held my first district meeting so that was fun! It was Elder Mudrow's 21st birthday on Thursday so we celebrated and went out to McDonalds for lunch! So here's a funny story. On Saturday we were tracting at about 8 o'clock at night and we come to a house with a lot of cars parked outside so we figure that there's probably a party going on so we walk up and there's big windows we have to walk past to get to the door and when we did people inside started yelling "Mormons" and yelling "no" and telling us to leave, but we didn't and we went up to the front door then we here someone say alright alright I got this and he answers the door and is drunk but eventually invites us in for a few shots and some pizza, my companion said no we can't and they kept trying to convince us and then he went back inside and these two girls came out and told us that everyone in there would never again at any time ever listen to anything that we have to say, but tonight they might actually listen so I said alright we'll give you ten minutes but then we gotta get going after that. so we went in and there was about 20 people all in their 20's and everyone shouted for joy when we came in, the deal was that we would play ladder golf, or redneck golf, for ten minutes while we talk to a couple of the guys there. So we did and then the score got to 19 to 20 and you win at 21 so by then everyone at the party had gathered around to watch the Mormons play and we wagered a bet that if we win then the two guys we were playing would have to come to church the next day and if they win then we would have to stay and play another round of redneck golf. So the bet was on and we lost so we stuck around and played again with some of the other people there and it was cool because the whole time we were there we were just answering questions and teaching about the church. We ended up staying at this place for about an hour and about twenty people learned about the church that otherwise wouldn't have and now hopefully one day they will let the missionaries in again. So on the fourth of July we didn't really do anything special since we have curfew before it even gets dark so we were already home when the fireworks started going off but we do have an awesome view of the whole valley so that was kinda cool. Well we were able to find a few more people to teach. This one couple, the Cramers, seem to be somewhat promising, When they answered the door they invited us right in and we were there for almost an hour getting to know them and teaching about the church so we are excited about them and we'll see what happens, our next appointment with them is tomorrow. Well that ought to do for now but I love you all hope you all had a good fourth!!

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