Baptism Nov 7 2009

Baptism Nov 7 2009

Monday, July 26, 2010

44th Week in Spokane

We had a pretty crazy week! We live at the Merrill's, they are in their 80's. anyways, Thursday morning Sister Merrill wakes us up at 2:30 in the morning and says, "Wake up Elders, the neighbors house is on fire and so is the field behind our house and its getting closer, we may have to evacuate!" So of course that woke us right up! We looked out our window into the back yard and all we could see was flames and smoke. So we got dressed quickly and went outside. Fortunately the neighbors house wasn't on fire, it just looked like it from our house, but the field behind and all around it was and also our fence around our house was on fire. By the time we were woken up there were fireman already there and trying to contain it. they were able to get it completely out by about 630, it was a pretty crazy night! Also this week we were able to meet with Jared a few times and he was interviewed for baptism and he will be getting baptized this Saturday!! So we are very excited for that, and its been good because with every lesson that we've had with him has been in a member's home so it has gotten the members excited again for missionary work and that's been cool to see happen. Also this week we were able to tract into a part member family that hasn't been active in a long time but they said that they would like to start coming back to church so we asked them if they wanted to take the missionary discussions over again and they said that they would. So we are going to be working with them plus they have two kids that have not been baptized, but luckily we know how to fix that! We've been working with a guy who was baptized years and years ago that hasn't been to church in years but we have set goals with him to stop smoking and to receive the Priesthood and he has been coming to church regularly now and this week we went over the stop smoking workshop with him that's a fool proof way to quit smoking in 7 days, if you hold true to the 15 steps it covers. He has been going at it strongly for five days now and he says he feels better now then he has for a lotta years. The program has to do with your eating habits and also a lot to do with prayer and faith and relying on the Lord. And yesterday he met with the Bishop and set a date to be able to receive the Priesthood!! Just one more thing about what we did this week.. on Monday when I got out of the shower to dry off, a massive spider fell out of my towel, so I ran and got a jar and put it in it. Well all throughout the week we kept looking for more spiders and we ended up finding eight spiders! We put them all in the same jar, hoping that they would fight but they never would. We wanted to see who was the toughest spider, so we named them all.. jameson, petey, thor, the judge, thing one and thing two, jose, and bertha. the first to die was petey, then thing 2, the judge, jose, and thing 1. So all we had left was the two biggest, jameson (the one in my towel, a wolf spider) and thor (a hobo spider). and then last night we found bertha. she was bigger then both of them, and it looks like she's pregnant too. So we put them all together to see what would happen and immediately thor and bertha double teamed on jameson, it was a crazy intense battle!! And then while thor was chewin on jameson bertha very sneakily snuck around and latched onto thor's back! So the winner is bertha! Then this morning we found a massive centipede that we will be having fight bertha today at noon! Well that was our week, I hope you enjoyed the spider chronicles, I hope you tune in next week to receive further updates! I love you all and I'm excited for the work thats goin on here in east Wenatchee!

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