Baptism Nov 7 2009

Baptism Nov 7 2009

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

72nd week in Spokane

We had a GREAT week! Two of our investigators decided to get baptized. Joseph decided to but we can't set a date for him yet, it will probably be in March, near the end of the month. So that will give us plenty of time to make sure he is truly converted! Tiffany decided to get baptized too! She is getting married this Saturday so that she will be living the law of chastity. She is solid! She is really ready to make the changes necessary in her life and is tired of procrastinating! We were able to set a date for baptism on February 26! The only road block that she needs to overcome now is smoking, so prayers on her behalf are very much needed. We had just a really great lesson with her last night and we were able to focus everything on Christ and baptism. It was great! On Thursday we're going to be teaching her about the word of wisdom and get her on track to quit smoking and drinking coffee! I love teaching the word of wisdom! Its gonna be awesome! The zone is doing really great too! we are excited about whats happening and whats going to continue happening! We also had three investigators attend church this week.. so that sure was a blessing! The neat thing is that yesterday I fasted that Elder Tamblyn and I would be able to have a baptism together before he went home. And then the Lord blessed us that night with Tiffany! Missionary work is amazing! I studied this whole week in Jacob 5 to try and really understand it and some of the things that really stuck with me from it is just how involved the Savior is in our lives, and just how much He is involved in the missionary work. It is His work and He has hired us to help Him. I cant tell you enough how grateful I am to be a missionary! Love ya!

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