Baptism Nov 7 2009

Baptism Nov 7 2009

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

74th week in Spokane

We had a great lesson with Joseph this week, we were going to teach about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but while we were with him we felt impressed to teach about the word of wisdom. Turns out that until about three weeks ago he was an alcoholic and he is addicted to coffee. He committed to quit coffee and then, three days later, he didnt show up at church so we asked his brother why and he said that since joseph hasnt had his caffeine fix he woke up with an extreme headache! But he is doing good and is getting interviewed on thursday! We were finally able to meet with tiffany again. and they decided not to get married until june 15 and they dont want to move out and so she cant get baptized until she gets married in june. when we asked them why they said because they dont want it to look like they were just 'getting hitched' ..apparently they would rather look like adulterers instead... Its pretty impossible to move ahead spiritually when you are knowingly living in sin. So we'll keep visiting them here and there but theres really nothing we can do. We had way good lessons this week with Ed and Jeremy. we also taught the word of wisdom there and found out that Jeremy smokes and Ed drinks tea. So they committed to quit. We have a stop smoking workshop that we teach thats guaranteed to quit smoking in seven days. so we got all the supplies for them and then come sunday, jeremy didnt show up to church and wasnt there for our lesson afterwards or our lesson yesterday. not sure whats goin on there. but ed is doing really great, he'll be getting baptized on march 4th!!! Things are going really well here. the zone as a whole hit a record high in the lessons taught this week! thats really exciting! We have a goal that every companionship will baptize in march. So far we have three out of the five that have people with a date set already! Its crazy Elder Tamblyn goes home in less than two weeks! Its kinda weird knowing for sure that I'll be getting a new companion and that I'll be staying in the same area. But he's doing great! He's a great example of enduring to the end! But dont worry, I try to remind him he's going home soon as often as possible! Ive been a bit concerned lately about slipping into old habits when i get home. So Ive been praying alot about that this week and ive been reading in mosiah in my personal studies and ive been able to get some great insights on what i need to do to avoid that. especially from chapters 24 to 29! Its been really nice to receive answers to prayers like that through the scriptures! We were able to get a free two week pass to the gym here in town to run on the treadmills and this morning was our first time, we both ran two miles... it felt great! and from being sick for a week, i was able to loose five pounds! only got 15 more to go!! (i hesitate putting that info in here, because now you know how much ive gained on my mission!) But no worries here, you'll never see it when i get home because it'll be long gone by then! By the way, it snowed about a foot here this morning! well, love ya!!

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