Baptism Nov 7 2009

Baptism Nov 7 2009

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

87th week in Spokane

Its too bad we weren't raptured up this Saturday, I was really looking forward to that!! This week was kind of interesting. We packed up a days worth of clothes and headed to Clark Fork Tuesday morning like usual. On our way to Clark Fork we called one of our district leaders to set up an exchange with him for the following week. That day wouldn't work for them and so we set it up to go Wednesday night to Friday morning. Then we called another companionship to go on exchanges with them and it just turned out to work best to go from Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon. We planned it so that I would be going to the other elders area both times, so I only spent a couple of days this week in my own area. It was good for Elder Van Dyke though just in case he's gotta take over the area in a week! While I was in Priest River, ID and Newport, WA, we taught this really neat family, a single mom with eight kids! She was raised in the church but quit going soon after she left home. They are Hawaiian and they're pretty funny. But we taught them the restoration and it went really well! Hopefully they will continue to have a desire to keep meeting with the elders there. When I was in Sandpoint and Westmond wards, we went to this huge event they have annually here called lost in the fifties. There were tons and tons of people here, it was crazy packed! There was an hour long car parade where people from all over came and drove their restored cars, it was pretty fun. Mostly people were just drunk, so we had a few funny conversations with people just talking around the streets. Well, our bishop in the Sandpoint ward, Bishop Boren, was released this Sunday and we got a whole new Bishopric. So we are excited to start working with them! We had our last Monday morning study with Bishop Boren. I'm really gonna miss doing that, I've learned a lot from studying with him. But when he was a mission president in New York, he had study assignments that he always gave to the missionaries every transfer, and today he gave us a copy of all the assignments and materials that he would give them, so we've got a huge stack of papers to go through now. I'm excited about it! But its gonna be one of those things that's gonna have to wait until I get home because I have a couple other things that I need to get finished studying before I go to that. Speaking of Bishop Boren, he's an artist, and he gives a print of one of his paintings to everyone who reads the Book of Mormon cover to cover that asks him. I had heard about this from other people and so when I first got to the area I asked him if I could have the same challenge and he said of course, so this week I finished the Book of Mormon and today he gave me one of the prints! Its an awesome print, its of a cowboy sitting in a chair reading the Book of Mormon! As far as the teaching goes, we were able to find a few new investigators that seem pretty promising so we are excited about that. There's a whole lot of really great things that are surfacing right now that are going to yield a whole lot of fruit! That's all I got for this week! Love you all!!

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