Baptism Nov 7 2009

Baptism Nov 7 2009

Monday, May 30, 2011

88th week in Spokane

This week went really well, as far as our teaching goes, we taught more lessons than any other week since I got to the area, so that was nice to finish it off that way. So yes, I am getting transferred for my last transfer to Deer Park, Washington, I will still be a zone leader. my new companion is Elder Fordham, he came out the same time as Elder Anderson, the missionary that I trained, so he's been out about a year now. We'll have fun together. So some highlights for this week would be that I went on exchanges with Elder Walker, he's serving in Libby, Montana. and we actually just chopped wood the whole time so that was fun, it had been a while since I'd done any of that. Another way cool thing that happened this week is we were out walking around and saw a guy pruning some trees so we went and talked to him and he started telling us about his church, that they aren't affiliated with any denomination, some are Christian and some are not, he said that they are all just spiritual seekers that get together and discuss beliefs. So I asked him more about the logistics of who speaks, is there a minister, or how that all works and he said that they just have different people come and share their beliefs. So I asked him if we could come and teach about ours, and he got excited and thought that it was a great idea! So we went into his house where we met his wife and got the info of how we need to go about arranging that, but its gonna be an awesome opportunity for Elder Van Dyke and his new companion. Hopefully they will be able to plant a whole lot of seeds because everyone that goes there is searching for something, and it just so happens that we have the answer for every single one of them! But unfortunately I won't be able to do that. But its one of my new goals to teach at another church before I go home. So first thing I do in my new area is to search out all the local pastors and ask them if we could come teach. and we'll see how that goes. We had a great couple of lessons this week, one with a girl named Nicki and we invited her to be baptized June 25 and she said yes! So that will be exciting. and we also finally were able to teach Lisa and she is absolutely golden. She is just absorbing everything we say and is loving every bit of it. It was really an exciting thing to teach her because she was just so on board with everything! She does have a couple things she needs to get over still, namely smoking and the sabbath day. But that will come around very shortly, I'm excited for her, she will be baptized this month I'm sure of it! Today was fun, for Memorial day, we went hiking, and that was really fun, we went with a member, Brother Leifson. it was a pretty short hike, but really steep, we were able to get some really nice views of the valley. It made me excited to get back into hiking! Well, I think that's really all I have to say this week, I gotta go pack! Love ya!

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