Baptism Nov 7 2009

Baptism Nov 7 2009

Monday, June 27, 2011

92nd week in Spokane

We had another awesome week! Ed got baptized!!!! The service was really good! We also had a child of record baptism at the same time so that was pretty awesome! Also, the Crumps brought a friend to the service and now she wants to be taught! So we are looking forward to that! Emil is way solid now for his baptism on July 6th. We also had a way good lesson with the countryman family. They have been kinda shaky about their date of July 9th, so we went over not having prepared anything to teach and we just wanted to let the Spirit guide. We shared with them a few scriptures, asked a few questions, and the spirit was way strong and everyone was crying and they are solid about that date now! It was a way good experience. Richard is still good to go for July 9th.. he just needs to quit drinking coffee but he said last night that nothing is going to stand in the way of him getting baptized this time around! So that's going to be an awesome day! We taught a family named Bouvette, and she is Brother Countryman's sister. That lesson was way good, she has a daughter that's not baptized yet so we are going to shoot for her daughter getting baptized with the Countryman's on July 9th too! This week we also had zone conference. It was way good as always. We had it set up to where my companion and I were going to sing “come thou fount” as a duet but my voice got way horse and so we had to get another missionary to do it. He is super shy, but we convinced him to pray about it and he said that he got a pretty direct answer that he's supposed to sing. So right as soon as he decided to take my place, my throat got better! It was pretty funny.. obviously the Lord wanted him to sing instead of me.. it was way good for him, help him come out of his shell! Well, that's about it for me, we have a very busy and hectic next couple of weeks with all these people getting baptized! I sure do love this work!

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