Baptism Nov 7 2009

Baptism Nov 7 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009

10th week in the MTC

Well today is the last preparation day before we take off!! Last Thursday we got our flight plans! We leave from the MTC at 5am and our plan leaves at 8 to Los Angeles, then we have a three hour layover then we head to South Korea for a three hour layover then onto Mongolia!! So ya those came to us Thursday night. Our lesson that we taught on Friday went really good, probably our best one yet! Then right after we taught we did our normal ritual and went over to the travel office and got some otter pops! The lady in the office has a daughter that went to Mongolia on her mission so she really likes us! So while we were in the office we were informed that our visas will not be going through on time and as of right now there’s not an ending in sight.. So for that reason, they told us that we are getting reassigned somewhere stateside temporarily until our visas come through.. We haven’t found out yet where we're all going to but we will probably be all spread out across the country.. They said that reassigning goes through the same process as getting our first assignment, so it’s pretty much like getting a call all over again! It’s kinda cool and we're all pretty nervous and anxious to find out where we end up! It will definitely be weird because we've spent the past 10 weeks learning Mongolian, how to teach in Mongolian, and how to teach to Buddhists and atheists.. So now we gotta teach in English, to Christians.. It’ll be interesting ha-ha!! But we know that Heavenly Father has a reason in mind for having us go stateside for a little while, and we are all determined to find out what that reason is! So ya the next few weeks are definitely going to be interesting. I just hope that I don’t loose too much of my Mongolian!! But we did find out that there are roughly 30 Mongolian missionaries serving in the state so that means chances are pretty good that we'll be put with a Mongolian companion! Ha-ha I wish that was true, that would be awesome!! But like I said, there’s a reason for it, so imp not too concerned bout it, I know that the Lord will bless me! So my next email to you will be in my new area, kinda weird to think that there’s life outside this MTC! Alright so, moving on.. On Tuesday night for our devotional, we had my favorite apostle come and talk to us! That’s right, Elder Holland came!! I've literally been praying everyday since I got here that he would come, and he did!! His talk was awesome! Definitely got me pumped to get out there and start teaching real people everyday!! Everything he said and talked about rang true in my heart and in my soul, it was an incredible message and I'm so grateful that I could be here for it! Well that’s all the news I got for this week, my emails from now on will be completely different as I’ll be out teaching and bringing people to Christ! I look forward to telling everyone all about my experiences in the upcoming couple of weeks and the upcoming couple of years, I really appreciate all of your support and love, it has helped me through the hard times, and yes there has definitely been hard times, but I am grateful for all of you and am anxious to hear how all of you are doing! I love you
-Elder Burns

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