Baptism Nov 7 2009

Baptism Nov 7 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

Eighth Week in the MTC

Well we're eight weeks in now and only a few more days till we go completely Mongolian speaking! not too sure how ready I am for it but it'll be fun.. One thing I forgot to mention last week is that I was made the new district leader. There’s 7 different districts in our zone.. Two Indonesian speaking, one Malagasy, one Mongolian, and three English so I was made the district leader over the Mongolians last Sunday. So things have been going pretty good there! well if there’s no visa delays then I only have two more emails to send after today.. weird.. and then its off to Mongolia!! hopefully I’ll feel a bit more ready to go then i do now.. I feel like my speaking is doing alright, but my listening comprehension definitely needs works.. my companion elder marquis had a really good listening comprehension which I’m really grateful for while we're teaching the lessons because he can jump right on the answer.. so I’m hopin the two weeks of straight Mongolian will help me out with that. well our lesson last week went pretty good, it was the first one that both of us, elder marquis and i, went into it without any notes and it turned out pretty good.. so I’m pretty sure we're gonna be doing that from now on.. it makes it a
lot more enjoyable because your not so focused on what your gonna say but your focused on the person you’re teaching.. so this week for our devotional we had elder Sybrowsky come talk to us, it was cool because that same day he asked 3 of the aposltes what they want him to tell us, so it was like hearing from four different people.. the message was really good and i had a really good experience during it that has changed my attitude for the better! Oh ya I almost forgot.. we got a new teacher this week.. Brother Mortensen.. he just got off his mission from Mongolia two months ago, he’s really great.. we had to get another teacher because sister Marta, our native teacher, graduated from byu a couple weeks ago so she because of her student visa situation she’s not allowed to work here anymore. Well my time is up i love you all

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