Baptism Nov 7 2009

Baptism Nov 7 2009

Monday, January 4, 2010

15th week in Spokane

Alright so I just realized that I haven't even announced this yet, but on Christmas day, during my phone call home, I found out that my visa finally came through!! I hopefully only have a couple more weeks left before I head out! Also in talking with my mission president, on transfers on the 12th I am going to get transferred to go be with the elder from Mongolia, elder itgel, until I leave, so that will be a huge blessing so that I can freshen up on the language! Well this past week was really good! We went to our newly baptized friends, triston and Cheryl and they are so awesome! Triston just loves learning about Jesus Christ and always gets so excited when ever we come over! Cheryl has taken her baptism very seriously and very literally where nothing before her baptism matters because she has had a fresh start because through her being baptized she was washed clean from all of her past sins and transgressions, so it has really been a blessing to see that in her life! I told you last week about Jessie and how she came to the baptism, well we went over to her house and we talked about baptism and she agreed to prepare to be baptized on January 9th! She is very prepared and loves learning everything about the gospel and is just soaking it up! She said that sleep has just become a burden because she just wants to stay up all night reading from the book of Mormon! She is really excited to get baptized and Satan has already begun to try to stop her from it, but she is strong and stands her ground! I love being able to see the way that the gospel touches and changes people's lives!

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